Tell us what you think: Etowah River Park Trail Extension Land and Water Conservation Grant Project


The City of Canton is applying for an Extension Land and Water Conservation Grant for the Etowah River Park Trail. The City is expanding its trail system to provide an additional 1.4 miles of multi-use trails near and along the Etowah River. In addition, it will add another 0.5 miles of nature trails that will connect to the main river trail. The purpose of the project is to further the opportunities of the public to enjoy outdoor activities afforded by an expanded walking trail system.

The overall trail connects to the City of Canton’s Heritage Park on the opposite side of the Etowah River. This trail passes through another existing park called Etowah River Park. This is where the overall trail will pick up and continue to travel eastward, along the Etowah River until it nears the Patriot Railroad trestle over the Etowah River. The last 1,400 linear feet of the overall 1.4-mile trail is designated as the LWCF project. This is the portion of the overall trail that will be funded by the NPS as a 50% match with the City of Canton and is the subject of the Environmental Assessment report (Click here to review).

As part of a formal application for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant which is administered by the State and Local Funding Division of the National Park Service (NPS), we are seeking public input on the Environmental Assessment by the Grants program Manager using data prepared by Hayes, James & Associates, Inc. Please send any comments or questions to