Message from the City Manager: City of Canton Sanitation Services Transition

Dear City of Canton Sanitation Customer:

Thank you for your patience during our current transition of City of Canton sanitation services from Waste Management to Advanced Disposal Services.  The weekly collection of garbage as a City service exists in the form of a franchise agreement between the City and a selected vendor.  The vendor is chosen through a bidding process.  The contract for the services under Waste Management was set to expire on September 30, 2018 and during the bidding process five companies submitted proposals.  The City of Canton decided to accept the proposal from Advanced Disposal as it represented the lowest cost for services and the company has the resources necessary to serve a community with 9,000 accounts.

Many individuals have reached out and asked why the City did not stay with the former provider.  Simply put, the former provider’s bid was 40 percent higher in cost than that of Advanced Disposal and nearly double the cost of the previous contract.  My number one responsibility as the City Manager is to make sure that every penny we receive from residents is thoughtfully spent and that includes those fees paid for user services such as sanitation.  Even as the bid from Advanced Disposal was an increase of over three dollars from the former provider’s previous contract, our team was able to limit the increase for regular service costs to our customers to only $2 per month.  The Senior Garbage rate was increased from $10.50 per month to $13.25 per month, still allowing a discount for the monthly service compared to the regular service rate.

As part of the conversion from one vendor to another, the City requested that Waste Management and Advanced Disposal work together through a third party to handle the transition of carts and cans.  It appeared that both were willing to do so until Waste Management pulled out of that arrangement as the conversion neared.  For residents, that meant one vendor picking up old carts and another vendor bringing new carts.  We would have preferred for one vendor to do both simultaneously but were unable to get the former waste hauler to agree to that process.  In a period of 10 calendar days, Advanced Disposal will have delivered new garbage containers to each residential customer in the City limits, some 8,000 plus accounts.  We understand that while delivery dates were estimated, some customers received their containers at a later date and I apologize for any delayed deployment.  The cans are shaped differently but are the same size.  Additionally, cans include the City of Canton logo and a number for the vendor should you have any concerns.  This is an important new feature as there are areas around our City that are not in the City limits and we want to assure that this service is only provided to those paying for the service.

Recycling containers are an area where we simply did not have good execution and I will take the blame for this mistake.  Recycling is a complimentary service provided by the sanitation hauler and has been for the past 5 years in the City.  In 2009, the City charged an additional $5 per customer for recycling on top of the garbage rate of $16.50 that year.  As such, the records that the former vendor had related to the location and type of container for recycling at each address was incomplete at best once the service became free.  This was the information that Advanced Disposal bid on and ordered carts to meet.  While it is great to know that there are many more households in our City doing their part for the environment through recycling efforts, it is clear that the initial deployment of 65-gallon rolling carts will be far less than what our customers expect.  We are working with the vendor to immediately deploy 18-gallon recycling totes in the interim as an order for larger rolling carts is placed with a manufacturer.  The new carts may take up to 6 weeks to be manufactured and deployed.  During that time, however, we will make sure that our roll-off site at 2525 Ridge Road can accommodate your recycling needs with single stream options for you to use on Fridays or Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Additionally, we are excited to announce that a new glass recycling service is being added to the Ridge Road site for residents as glass is not an accepted material for curbside recycling.

The City has some customers that are physically unable to get their garbage and recycling to the street.  For those customers, we continue to offer a backdoor service.  The rates are $13.25 for seniors and $16.50 for non-seniors.  To receive this service at those rates, the City requests the completion of an annual affidavit for service.  Please call 770-704-1502 for more information.  For those residents that do not have a disability and would like backdoor service, the rate is $27.50 per month and this can be ordered by calling 770-704-1502.  For those individuals that typically have more garbage than can fit in the 95-gallon container, a second cart may be added to your account for an additional $8.50 per month.

If you are continuing to have any issues with sanitation or recycling, please either call 770-704-1502 or email and provide us with your name, address, and the issue.  Our staff will work with you and Advanced Disposal to correct your concerns as soon as possible. 

More information about this conversion and additional sanitation and recycling services is available  at the City’s website at

Again, thank you for your patience during this process. 


Billy Peppers,

City Manager