Etowah River Trail Safety Tips

Etowah River Trail Safety Tips:

• Pedestrians Have the Right of Way: Faster moving trail users, such as bicyclists, rollerbladers, and skate boarders should yield to walkers and joggers. When the trail is busy, ride single file.
• Communicate Before Passing: Give a clear warning signal before passing. Signal may be produced by voice, bell, or horn. A bicyclist should politely yell, “On your left” before passing to alert those in front of them. Be aware that other people may want to pass you.
• Maintain a Safe Speed: Please slow down when rounding curves, passing other trail users, traveling downhill, where the trail narrows, approaching intersections or when conditions dictate. Bicyclists will typically be the fastest traffic on a trail. If your speed endangers other trail users, check for alternative routes or consider riding on the road. Selecting the appropriate location for your ride is safer and more enjoyable for all concerned.
• Keep Pets on Short Leashes & Remove Pet Waste: Dogs are welcome on the trail, but please keep them on a short leash in order to keep the trail safe for all users. Additionally, please pick-up after your pet. Bags are provided along the trail for waste removal, please deposit full bags in trash receptacles
• Avoid standing still on the trail to prevent blocking other users and avoid collisions.
• Discourage your children from getting in the path of faster-moving traffic, especially cyclists who may have difficulty stopping for them.
• Wear a Helmet: It’s always smart to wear them, especially children, when on any public road, lane, or trail.
• In an Emergency, Call 911
• Report non-emergency concerns to the City of Canton Parks and Recreation Department at 770-720-7674

Remember, many accidents can be avoided if everyone exercises common sense. Be aware, be polite, and enjoy the Etowah River Trail!