The Canton Roadmap for Success

The Canton Roadmap for Success
When we work together, we can go wonderful places. The Mayor and Council of the City of Canton need your help to write the Roadmap for our City to guide us through the next 15 years. The Council adopted Seven Tenets, or guiding principles, for our Future Success. Each is below along with a description and a link to the draft roadmap for that goal. Please look these over and provide feedback to us. Simply email your ideas, concerns, thoughts, dreams, and wishes to by December 10.

"Our roadmap is a plan but also a call to action that organizes the actions of local leaders, private and non-profit organizations, residents, and businesses toward a shared vision for how our City operates through 2035."-- Mayor Bill Grant
(Read the entire letter from Mayor Grant HERE.)
Creating Great Neighborhoods
Safe, attractive, connected, and inviting neighborhoods are the foundation of Canton’s hometown appeal. All residents deserve quality housing that reflects our community character through thoughtful design and responsible development practices.
Celebrating the Diversity of Our Community
The diverse cultures and communities within Canton are vibrant and engaging. Economic, cultural, and social diversity is encouraged throughout the City.
Advancing Regional Economic Success
Utilizing existing business strengths in industry, healthcare, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Canton seeks to expand its economic footprint. Diverse and innovative business growth will support jobs, attract investment, and create tourism opportunities.
Enhancing Historic Downtown Canton
Preservation, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, and community-centric activities are cornerstones of economic development within Downtown Canton. Benefiting the entire City, downtown redevelopment creates jobs, attracts investment, increases property values, and generates tourism.
Sustaining Our Natural Environment
Canton residents appreciate our natural beauty, proximity to the mountains, ample green spaces, and the Etowah River. Projects in the City will promote interaction with nature through sustainability, stewardship of resources, and innovative design.
Connecting Citizens to Parks and Recreation
A healthy community provides access to nature. Residents should be connected with local parks through trails, sidewalks, and additional transportation options. Recreational opportunities should be available to and inclusive for all.
Leading with Excellence
City Council, Staff, and Citizen Boards will foster civic participation and serve ethically, transparently, responsibly, and efficiently.
Thank you in advance for your feedback. Please email any and all comments to