City Council Approves Roadmap for Success

Council Approves City of Canton's Roadmap for Success
Roadmap to serve as a guide for the City's operations going forward
(CANTON, Georgia, Dec. 18, 2020)—The Canton City Council voted unanimously during their last meeting of 2020 (12/17/20) to approve the working draft of the City of Canton’s Roadmap for Success—a document a year in the making. Much time, consideration and thought were put into the development of the Roadmap, which will serve as a guide and call-to-action for how stakeholders envision the City should operate through 2035.

Mayor Bill Grant shared his sentiments on how the Roadmap for Success came to fruition. “This is an important time for the City of Canton, and its growth and development must reflect how our citizens and stakeholders choose to live, work, play, and serve to achieve full potential,” he explained. “Decades of leadership and collaboration have positioned Canton for greatness, and continued partnerships in City and community building must enlighten our strategic path forward.”

The Roadmap was designed with eight overall guiding principles, or tenets, which will be incorporated into all City projects, initiatives and efforts moving forward. These tenets are:

  • Creating Great Neighborhoods
  • Celebrating the Diversity of our Community
  • Advancing Regional Economic Success
  • Enhancing Historic Downtown Canton
  • Sustaining our Natural Environment
  • Connecting Citizens through Parks and Recreation
  • Improving Infrastructure for Future Demands
  • Leading with Excellence

Each tenet in the Roadmap includes action steps, a list of projects already underway, supporting documents, major partners and stakeholders, and measurable goals. In early 2021, the Canton City Council will begin its next phase of the Roadmap’s development by prioritizing and creating a timeline for the initiatives in each tenet. Several of the projects identified within the tenets will begin to take shape in 2021, and new projects brought to the City by developers will be held to the principles set forth by the Roadmap.

“I want to thank my colleagues and our citizens for their trust and confidence as we continue this partnership over the next 15 years,” said Grant. “Our Roadmap will make our decisions more efficient and help to clarify our calculated tradeoffs, and we will hold developers and ourselves accountable to our long-term strategy.

“This Roadmap will be a work in progress. We will make mid-course modifications as needed, and alter our route based on clear metrics and continual public input, but our destination will not shift as we attain our status of Coolest Small Town in America.” 



Lauren Johnson,
Communications and Marketing Specialist