Police Department


At the City of Canton Police Department we are committed to providing a professional and community police department to serve the City. It is our goal that through problem-oriented policing and increased community ties the department will continue to provide the safest environment for all who live, work and travel through the City of Canton.

This department is staffed with exceptional men and women who are led to provide the highest level of service possible to the community. This is accomplished through practicing dedication, integrity, professionalism, creative collaboration, bold leadership and inventiveness.The police department strives to be an open and integral asset to the community. We encourage anyone who is interested in becoming more familiar with our department and our personnel to contact us. We are committed to continuous improvement and recognize the role the department plays within our community and we always welcome citizen ideas and input.

Accident Reports

Accident reports may be picked up at the Canton Police Department or obtained online at buycrash.com.

Alarm Permits

Alarm System User Permit Application
Fill out this form and either bring
it to the Canton Police Department, email or fax it.

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta engages the entire community to work towards making communities safer.


When should I call 911?

In Canton you should call 911 anytime you need police or fire dispatched to you, or your home or business. There is no non-emergency dispatch phone number.

Cherokee County 911 Emergency Communications Center, handles both emergency and non-emergency dispatch calls for our public safety responders.

For example, if you see suspicious behavior, even though there's not a crime in progress, call 911. Or, if you're the victim of identity theft, call 911 and a police officer will be dispatched to you to make a report.

The CPD main administrative number at 770-720-4883 (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.), however, remains your point of contact if you need a copy of a police report, a background check or if you have a general question about the CPD or any of its Community Service programs.